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La miss météo. Ca devait lui bien arriver un jour.
Le Grand Journal - 08 juin

(Je ne me lasse pas de fixer ce gif.)

"I was kind of gobsmacked, actually. I’ve spent four months in LA, doing all these auditions, and I was back in London, picking up the fragments of the life I’d left behind. And I was in North London, outside a pub, it was a Saturday night, and I took the call, and it was unexpected—I didn’t expect him out of nowhere. And I let out some kind of scream, and then just had to sort of sit on a paper and contemplate my existence for a bit."

Tom Hiddleston on getting a call from Kenneth Branagh and knowing he’s to play Loki [x] (via lazyocean)

I know that feel bro, I also had to sit on a paper to contemplate your existence.

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